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All original music and lyrics produced by Sharilyn Thomas
My Backpack Copyrights 2009
"My Backpack" was written for the absent-minded professor. For kids who need a hook to remember everthing they need going to and coming home from school, this is a great song for them.  
A Peanut Allergy Copyrights 2012
Jonathan Copyrights 1999
The book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach, was the inspiration for this song. Live in the "here and now," know who you are and believe in yourself.
It has been a struggle trying to educate others about the seriousness of peanut allergy. Sharilyn knows that peanuts aren't going anywhere, but through her music, she helps friends understand the "simple rules to follow to help everyone keep safe."
Vocals and acoustic guitars - Sharilyn. Electric guitar - Tony DiLullo. Bass - Tom Zovich. Piano - Peter Francovilla. Percussion - Fred Walcott.
Recorded w/Tony DiLullo @ Tinman Music. 
Vocals and acoustic guitars - Sharilyn. Electric and bass guitar - Tony DiLullo. Keyboard ad keyboard drum magic - Sharilyn & Tony. 
Recorded w/Tony DiLullo @ NyTuneSaloon
Vocals, Acoustic guitars and percussion - Sharilyn. Electric and bass guitars - Tony DiLullo. Recorded w/Tony DiLullo @ NyTuneSaloon.
All Rights Reserved
Vermont Perfume   Copyrights 2013
Not only is this the first song Sharilyn recorded at home, with her new pro tools music system, but this is the first song Sharilyn has ever written and recorded in just one day. There was an immediate call to help dispel the discontent of much of the school population, as the initial odor from the "Wooly Garden" installation was a bit difficult to live with. It is a simple a cappella song with a little percussion, but it was enough to make kids laugh about the smell they were dealing with. Now everyone is thrilled with the things they are growing!
Scrub-A-Dub-A-Dub Copyrights 2013
*Vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion instruments performed by Sharilyn 
*Drums performed by Steven James King 
~Piano performed by Jorgen Kjaer 
~Bass performed by Tony DiLullo

*Recorded at Meuse Music with Steven James King
~Recorded at NYTuneSaloon with Tony DiLullo

 Final mix and Production with Tony DiLullo at NYTuneSaloon
Inspired by a stubborn child not interested in bathing, 
and in the spirit of New Orleans music, Sharilyn has written what is being called her best kids song yet, "Scrub-A-Dub-A-Dub." Think Dixieland meets the Alley Cats from Disney's movie "Lady and the Tramp." 
Food Allergy Copyrights 2013
Out of respect for all those who are challenged with food allergies, and at the many requests from parents and kids alike, Sharilyn used the melody from her song "Peanut Allergy," wrote new lyrics, and recorded her new song "Food Allergy." A little cut and paste magic with Tony DiLullo at NYTuneSaloon and we have all food allergies represented!
Vocals and acoustic guitars - Sharilyn. Electric and bass guitar - Tony DiLullo. Keyboard and keyboard drum magic - Sharilyn & Tony. Recorded w/Tony DiLullo @ NyTuneSaloon.
Performed and produced at home by Sharilyn