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Sharilyn Song
Thru the Door        Copyrights 1991
Written by Sharilyn, this song is about accepting change, being true to yourself and creating a new beginning.

Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals - Sharilyn
Backup Vocals - Janis Thomas
Percussion - Fred Walcott
Recorded with Tony DiLullo @ Tinman Music
Just Because        Copyrights 2000
Sharilyn wrote this song for her husband the first year they were married. It was actually a birthday present she stayed up all night writing and performed for him the next day, his birthday. 

Acoustic Guitar & Vocals - Sharilyn
Electric Guitar and Keyboards - Tony DiLullo
Recorded with Tony DiLullo @ Tinman Music
All Rights Reserved
I Am Concerned        copyrights 1991
Written by Janis Thomas. When Sharilyn mentioned to her sister that she thought they should do a song about the environment, she wasn't surprised when her Janis called an hour later with this wonderful song. It was later beautifully arranged by and recorded with Scott Totten. 

Lead Vocals - Janis Thomas
Backup Vocals & Acoustic Guitar - Sharilyn Thomas
Lead Acoustic Guitar & Instrumental Arrangement - Scott Totten

Anger and Greed        copyrights 1991
Written by Sharilyn Thomas. Inspired by conversation at a friends home in the East Village. It was a BBQ, thus the bones we were chewing on...

Lead Vocal & Acoustic Guitar - Sharilyn Thomas
Backup Vocals - Janis Thomas
​Lead Electric Guitar - Tony DiLullo
Percussion - Fred Walcott
Recorded @ Tinman Music