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About Sharilyn 
​     Sharilyn Thomas has enjoyed a successful career as a hairstylist for over 30 years, eleven years with well known comedian, Joan Rivers. Sharilyn also had a successful rock band with her sister and novelist, Janis Thomas (janisthomas.com) called "she said." They wrote their original style of folk/pop/rock and performed it in clubs all over NYC for 10 years. 
     As a mother of two, Sharilyn now maintains her hairstylist career on the side and believes that family comes first. Being a parent inspires creativity, from helping kids pass time, distracting them from injury, learning together or teaching them something new.
     When talking about communication, music is Sharilyn's tool of choice. With songs like "My Backpack," which has become very popular at the elementary school, she's helping kids remember to have everything they need going to and coming home from school. "Scrub-A-Dub-A-Dub," a song inspired by a child not interested in bathing, helps to make bathtime fun and full of giggles. 
     In 2003, Sharilyn's son was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. Keeping his environment safe has often been a challenge for she and her husband. Because of this, Sharilyn has focused on educating those who live with life threatening food allergies. The song "A Peanut Allergy" is aimed at teaching children and families who do not live with the allergy, the basic understanding of what it is to have the allergy and what it takes to keep those with it safe. At the request of parents and kids alike, Sharilyn rewrote the lyrics to create the song "Food Allergy" to represent people with all different food allergies.
     With her faith and her family, Sharilyn believes in music and it's ability to disarm adversity, educate, entertain and put a smile on peoples faces!
Photo by Adam Novak