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Music for kids to learn and laugh with, to grow and discover the world and the people around them. Sharilyn's songs are for the whole family to enjoy. 
Sharilyn Thomas
"We listened to 'The Peanut Allergy Song' a dozen times on the way home. You've got a winner!!!"
                                                  - Linda & Jordan F.
"Your song is great! An excellent educational tool."
                                                  - Caroline 
"So cute! You are so talented!!!! Do you mind if I share this with JT's kindergarten teacher? There is a girl in his class with a SEVERE peanut allergy."
                                                  - Darcy
"The kids have been singing 'My Backpack' together all weekend!" 
                                                   - Monica J.
"My kids won't stop singing the 'Peanut Allergy' song."
​                                                     - J.K.   
My daughter also has a severe peanuts allergy. The kids and I listened to your songs tonight and want to say, thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!
                                                     - Shelly
 ....after about two weeks the smell had vanished, but it did invite a lot of discussion about how plants grow and even prompted one parent, Sharilyn Thomas, to write a song, "Vermont Perfume" (copyrighted) that she shared with the entire student body. One of the students was heard saying while walking by the garden, ”My mom would eat vegetables that smell like that!.”
                                                                                  - Wooly Garden Website
Photo by Adam Novak 
A little ditty from Sharilyn's sister's book launch!